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Atelier Simi

Large Size Evil Eye | BLUE | 20cm | Minimalist

Large Size Evil Eye | BLUE | 20cm | Minimalist

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100%Handcrafted Ceramic Evil Eye Wall Decor with Gold Decoration

Each piece is crafted with meticulous handwork at every stage.

After being modeled from high-quality ceramic clay, it undergoes firing for the first time, followed by a second firing for the glaze, and finally, a last firing for the unique golden gilding shine.

Product features

Suitable for outdoor use.

Can be easily hung on the wall without any additional equipment.

Due to being handmade, slight variations may occur compared to the visual.

Since each one is handmade, there may be slight differences with the image.


High-Quality Earthenware Ceramic, 24ct Gold Gilt Decorated.

Shipping & Returns

Ships within an average of 2 business days.

During peak seasons, delivery for discounted sets may take up to 5 business days.

For urgent situations, please email for prioritized handling.

Gift Package

For your loved ones, it comes with a special handmade gift case, perfect for gifting.

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Size Guide

Available in 4 different sizes and each comes with its own handmade gift case.

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Customer Reviews

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Necla Murabıt

Mükemmel bir güzellik 🧿daha önce yeşil nazar boncuğu almıştım, bu sefer tercihim mavi renk 3 lü

About Evil Eye

"Nazar boncugu" aka "The Evil Eye" is a traditonal symbol believed to be a protection against the negative energy from the malevolent glares of people around us. Overall, it is a sign of good luck and protection.